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But another path to go is to get an income property just with the intention of renting it out. This can be even better if you reside in a touristy area, because you can probably make even more than usual during the high tourist seasons. "Rental properties offer a source of passive income and the possibility of total appreciation of the house with tax advantages," Lou Cannataro, partner at Cannataro Park Avenue Financial, informs Bustle.

Rental properties can provide that constant income (individuals always need a place to live) that is not directly tied to the market and one cannot outlive. "In fact, according to Airbnb, women hosts are using their Airbnb income to assist manage their houses more than men, particularly single mothers who host (62 percent internationally ).



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And, since Airbnb launched in 2008, women Airbnb hosts have earned over $10 billion throughout the stage. 2Use A Cash-Back Credit Cardchikamilan/FotoliaWhen you go shopping, would you use money, your debit card, or a charge card Instead, why not use a credit card credit card and make money while you shop It sounds contradictory, but Goudreau elaborates.

"The crucial thing is to maintain your spending rates the exact same and pay your balance off in full at the end of each month. It's also important to cover your invoice on time. This way, you're not paying interest or getting struck with any late fees, and any cash back you earn is pure gain.



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Perhaps you're that person who creates handmade greeting cards for friends and loved ones. Or perhaps making candles is more your thing. In any case might be, why not simply take your talent to Etsy or an online website, especially if you currently have a bunch of your product already made"Make your own products and services," financial blogger and lifestyle coach Michael Tamez tells Bustle.

Nonetheless, your individuality can never be replaced! I encourage you to explore your creative talents and skills more. What are you good at Just How can you monetize that talent and perhaps even build a business from it Have you experienced something extraordinary in life, and due to this, have tons of knowledge and knowledge to share...

Essentially, you bust your butt once and get paid for the remainder of your life even when you're sitting on the beach, sipping coconut rum. Just remember that: When you invest in your creative skills, you become irreplaceable!" 4Write An eBookHannah Burton/BustleOK, I know what you're thinking maybe you are not a writer.

Also, chances are that other people want to know what you know. So if you write an eBook on dating or tips on the best way best to fix your auto, once you compose, self-publish the book, and let it go, it can sit on a website like Amazon and sell itself. Of course, you can promote it, also, but that is another story! Some sites let you keep most of the earnings, but some do not.



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That's a big percentage. Writing This Site a book is not easy, but once you invest in the time it requires, you can reap the monetary benefits.5Use a High-Interest Savings AccountAshley Batz/BustleWhile a few people today tend to use a savings account in the same bank where they have their checking account, make sure it's a high-interest one, not just a convenient one.

"While many traditional banks offer as little as 0.1percent interest on savings, online banks tend to provide higher interest prices. By switching into an account which offers 1% interest or more, you'd be making 10 times as much by simply moving the money." 6Use A High-Yield Checking Accountmichael spring/FotoliaAlong the same lines of using a high-interest savings account, another easy way to make and have more money is by using a high-yield checking account.



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"One caveat: If it's important to you to have a convenient, nearby branch or effortless access to ATMs, your options will be restricted by your geographical area. "7Invest In Low-Cost Index Funds You probably already know that investing can result in earned money down the line. However, this really is a friendly reminder about investing even in the event that you don't know anything about investing! Especially in low-cost index funds.

"As legendary investor Warren Buffett recently told CNBCs On the Money,'Consistently buy an S&P 500 cheap index fund. I think it's the thing that makes the most sense practically of all time.' By not picking individual stocks and, instead, buying a low-cost fund which tracks the current market, you pay less in fees and take less of a danger.

Oftentimes, that person gets paid a commission when you do. In case you have a site, the same can happen for you. It is a win-win-win for everyone involved you, the product that you're recommending, and the person who clicks on the link to acquire the item. Pat Flynn talks about this at length on his site, Smart Passive Income, where you can learn much more on the subject, apart from affiliate marketing.

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